Tan Phong Island: A call to garden

Smell the city, in the middle of a green island, beautiful roofs of a simple lifestyle, gentle canals squeezing through fruitful fruit gardens ... Coming to Tan Phong is coming back according to "the call of scorn. garden ", back to childhood, where the village is rustic, gentle and honest.
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In the gentle sunshine of May, Tan Phong Island appears with immense green color. An island commune located in the middle of Tien River, a fertile alluvial land with fresh water all year round, Tan Phong isle is famous for its fruit orchards, especially during rambutan ripe season. Previously, the income of the people of this island thanks to more than 2,000 hectares of orchards, in recent years, many farmers also have income from… tourism .

Endowed with rich land by the mother of nature, Tan Phong isle like a boat full of sweet fruits: ripe red rambutan clusters on branches, bright yellow jackfruit fruits, crunchy guava ... Tan Phong people stick with blood. meat with garden, the most famous is the rambutan - the fruit occupying the most cultivated land area in Tan Phong thanks to the advantage of combining alcohol soil, easy to grow, fast development, and fruit. 

In addition to the Java rambutan variety, which has been popular for a long time, many varieties are popular in the market, such as the longan and Thai rambutan, not only bring economic income but also contribute to helping Tan Phong become a in the eco-tourist sites of fruit orchards in Tien Giang. Focusing on quality and economic efficiency, Tan Phong farmers also bravely invest in varieties of yellow rice canoes, Ido longan, Ri6 durian, Mongthong durian ... 

Just weaving along the gentle creek or dropping heels in the middle of the trail under the shade of the trees, you can immediately see the red ripe rambutan clusters hidden in the green leaves, the jackfruit fruit is full of tree trunks, the smell of longan Nine times in the wind ... From 2011 up to now, a number of gardeners in Tan Phong boldly invested capital, upgraded their infrastructure to attract tourists - "short-term farmers". Tourist attractions operate in the style of "garden link". Adjacent fruit gardens, whatever season, serve visitors.

On the tree-lined road, walking around the village road or paddle among the tangled canals, admire the serene landscape of the garden countryside. In the days of the season (around May and June of the lunar calendar), Tan Phong isle is "dyed red" by rambutan gardens entering the harvest stage. "Call of garden" buyers and sellers bustling up and down. At this level, visitors delight in the garden, picking fruit by themselves, enjoying on the spot. 

Rambutan rice is thick, easy to peel, sweet and crunchy for a long time, has become the favorite brand of fruit for all river islands. After getting tired of walking around the orchard, do not forget to enjoy the famous rice snail here. Fatty white rice snail is boiled, then dipped with lemongrass and chili fish sauce. The more sophisticated dish is the meat of the snail rolled with rice paper, raw vegetables, dotted with garlic and chili fish sauce.

The isle is green and green, embracing the gardens and boats. Garden life has stuck in the hearts of so many children through the old porch with unique Southern architecture, the yard is full of fancy flowers. Then the traditional craft villages, where coconut candy, workplace crackers, cake, candy, jams, and homemade crafts, beekeeping ...

"Map Tour " Tan Phong considered so that style so rich! Whether walking under the orchard, enjoying delicious famous fruit or walking along the two sides of the road with lots of flowers and grass to visit the beekeeping farm and enjoy the specialties "houseplants, garden leaves", spread Any experience at Tan Phong isle is also sweet and flavorful of the countryside.

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